How our platform enables
consumer friendly behavioural
market research and actionable insights

With our embedded builder, you are able to easily create efficient mobile
direct-to-consumer websites. Distribution takes place to respondents via each different option, while our tracing mechanism records all their interactions with
your content. Finally, our real-time analysis provides you with multiple metrics to identify the performance of each option and its content, facilitating and
simplifying your decision-making process.

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From PowerPoint to a mobile phone website quickly and simply:

In the world of marketing, people tend to put their ideas together on a PowerPoint slide. A PowerPoint slide is not a consumer-friendly medium and potential shoppers do not behave the way they would normally when in shopping mode. With our solution, you can create a realistic, consumer-facing website. Our building tool allows use of your product images, videos and text descriptions in order to create a professional, mobile optimized website. If preferred, we can provide website creation services.

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Easily send potential buyers
shopping for your product/ ideas

We can help facilitate the recruitment process with a wide range of
worldwide panelists who possess detailed information regarding their
respondents. With our pre-built list of criteria, you can replicate your
segments and evaluate your product idea.

Depending on your target segments, a project can last between a couple hours to a couple of days.

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Clear analysis generated right after the last respondent

Our backend system is wired in a way to ensure clear insights are generated, so that you gain immediate confirmation if your idea works. Our database of past projects also provides an indication of the performance vs similar projects and industries. If you want to go deeper, we can undertake an interaction diagnostic which generates interaction rates for every piece of content included in your project.

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Where market research meets the digital world

We’re not an ordinary market research agency. We are a unique team mixing market research, programming, graphics, devops and data analysis professionals. Our expertise is market research, but we also handle any technical matter to provide you with an end-to-end service solution: recreating a consumer-friendly experience, optimizing its delivery and analysing its data in real-time.

Our working methods involve using these technologies:
PHP, MySQL, Redis, Python, HTML/CSS/JS-JQuery, Nginx/Lua, Linux(Ubuntu), AWS cloudfront

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Founded in 2018, eCommerce focused, historically we have been helping companies to optimize their Amazon content via testing.

We now use the same technology to help companies to translate ideas into mobile websites in a simple way and test traction with real potential customers.

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You easily build different websites featuring your ideas


Alernatively you ask us to help you build them


You select the people you need and send them to your websites


Immediately you have an analysis telling what version works best