Our Tool

Asks shoppers to behave as shoppers

Traditional tests ask consumers to answer lengthy detailed questionnaires. It forces respondents to think about their answers, to justify and rationalize their choices. This produces a very different outcome vs a real everyday purchase decision.

Our approach is different, we just ask our shoppers to do a shopping trip and we track their behaviors.

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In a “real” eRetailer environment

If we want to monitor a consumer's natural shopping behavior, we need an environment which gives an exact representation of reality. Our Tool provides this reality, it offers similar features that a shopper would be subject to daily on some of the most popular eRetailer websites.

With a larger base size than traditional consumer tests

To ensure that every option we test shows clearly defined statistical differences, we use a larger consumer testing base than most usual tests. As a result, you can be confident in the best course of action to take for your new product or service launch.


eMazing-retailing joins global network of startups!

eMazing-retailing was selected to participate in Switzerland’s 2019 accelerator program. May 2019: eMazing-retailing was one of over 900 other startups to apply for the accelerator located in Renens, Lausanne.

We are very proud to have been selected for the accelerator program, we will continue improving our product eContent optimization tool and develop new services to help our clients to better sell online and more particularly on marketplaces like Amazon.


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A/B testing revolution for traditional companies

A/B testing has completely changed the way digital pure players do business online. The usual digital suspects like Airbnb, Uber, Facebook… are constantly testing different options of their products and services. Thus, improving both their revenues and client service.

Traditional companies should learn from these digital giants, applying similar principles to be more reactive, better understand their shoppers and their needs, and to gradually improve sales. 

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Market research still to embrace Kahneman's conclusions

In his book, Thinking Fast and Slow (published in 2011),  Daniel Kahneman (2002 Economics Nobel Prize Winner) has shown how companies should completely re-think the way market research is executed. Shoppers do not decide to buy products based on the market research mechanisms companies have taken for granted for decades.

Nevertheless, still nowadays, many companies have not yet changed their products/services testing methods with customers, the risk of doing so is clear: being left behind by companies who have already embraced the needed change. 

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More than anything else, Emazing helped us choose the right innovation by measuring actual consumer behavior. So useful, so important in a world where people don’t say what they do and don’t do what they say

Leading Healthcare OTC company insight manager

Pierre was a great collaborative business partner who helped us think through the business challenge and execute in a very timely, cost-efficient and impactful way.

FMCG insight manager

Very nicely done


Awesome work.

Coty Marketing Manager