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Asks shoppers to behave as Shoppers

Traditional tests asks consumers to answer lengthy detailed questionnaires. It forces respondents to think about their answers, to justify and rationalize their choices. It gives a very different outcome vs a real every-day purchase decision.

Our approach is different we just ask our shoppers to do a shopping trip and we track their behaviors.

In a “real” eRetailer environment

If we want shopper to behave as shoppers we need to send them to an environment almost identical to the one we would have in reality. This is why we offer similar features that shoppers would find on the most popular eRetailer websites

With a larger base size than traditional consumer tests

To make sure every option we test has a better chance to be statistically different we use larger base size than usual tests do. Like this you can have more confidence in the new product/ element you test to launch

Shoppers recognize the intuitiveness and realness of the experience: